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    "I was referred to Robert and Blythe Grace from attorneys who could no longer defend me in a lawsuit pending in federal court where the plaintiff demanded $5,000,000.  Robert jumped in, appeared on my behalf, defended my Zoom deposition, and represented me in a mediation with a federal judge.  Robert negotiated a settlement for me less than 1% of the amount demanded - all on a low flat fee.  I loved working with Robert not only for his dedication to helping me in a very difficult situation, but the results he obtained.  Even when Robert was unable to communicate with me because of his schedule, I always had confidence that he was working to defend and protect me.  It took a lot of the stress off my shoulders.  I highly recommend Robert and Blythe Grace and he will be my first call going forward." - Cari P.

    CARI P.

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    "We first hired Robert and Blythe Grace years ago to represent us in a business dispute.  The firm did a fantastic job and Robert resolved the lawsuit to our satisfaction.  Recently another matter arose related to that business dispute.  When we contacted Robert and told him what happened, he shocked us by agreeing to represent us for free because we were one of the first clients of Blythe Grace when it opened.  That is the kind of lawyer Robert is, and why we highly recommend his firm."


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    "The day I received court paperwork notifying me I had been sued was uncomfortable because I had done nothing wrong to my knowledge.  I met with Robert and he was quick to realize that someone was trying to take advantage of me. When meeting with Robert I was very comfortable not only with him as a person but his knowledge about my problem. Throughout the long process Robert kept me informed and blind copied me on communications with the opposing lawyer and the responses from the courts. Long story short, Robert and his team returned phone calls and emails promptly and gave me a great comfort level regarding our case. In the end we were victorious and vindicated and even received compensation from the person who had filed suit.  Robert's attention to detail and commitment to my case was beyond expectations and if in need again I would certainly make Robert my first call.  As a disabled veteran Robert showed tremendous respect and appreciation for my history. Never having been much of a fan of lawyers we certainly had our minds changed for the better because of Robert and Blythe Grace." - Al Hague


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    "I met Robert through a mutual friend who said good things about him and Blythe Grace.  I had bad experiences with other lawyers in town, so I was skeptical. Robert took on multiple matters for my family and business and immediately impressed me. I now send my clients, including professional athletes, to Blythe Grace."

    - Jim Lewis


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    “The team at Blythe Grace truly define honor and integrity.Throughout the process, Robert managed my legal issues with incredible finesse, respect, and personal attention. Matters were handled in a fluid, orderly and efficient manner. Blythe Grace provides all the support necessary, so you can clearly focus on yourself and growing your business. Thank you for giving my business a great start!” – Lauren Snow


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    “I have worked with Robert several times over the years and have found him to be an excellent attorney – so good that I have referred him to so many of my friends who have needed his services. I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs a solid business attorney.” – Daniel Lucero


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    "Blythe Grace, and its attorneys and staff are outstanding. They are thorough, dedicated, and most importantly good people. I would recommend them to everyone." – Travis Radevski


  • “I hired Blythe Grace to resolve a lawsuit that was filed against me by a former partner.  Robert and his team resolved the matter within a few weeks to my satisfaction.  If you have been sued, Blythe Grace is the firm to have on your side.” – Azhar Began


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    "Blythe Grace and its team do a fantastic job.  I have complete confidence in Blythe Grace, and highly recommend them to any company needing assistance getting off the ground, with employment law issues, or that simply wants an outside general counsel to address day-to-day matters.  - Christina Biagioli-Chapman


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    “Robert consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach that is refreshing. Blythe Grace’s staff are much the same, always personable and of high integrity. I strongly recommend Blythe Grace to entrepreneurs in any industry.” – Tara Hainsworth


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    "Robert Reder and the entire staff at Bythe Grace feel more like family than anything.   Every time I sit down in their office I am reminded of how professional, knowledgeable and caring they are.  I even laugh when I'm in their office! Who can say that about their lawyer? Seriously! The team at Blythe Grace gets it done fast and effectively time after time. " - Ashley Quinn


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    “Blythe Grace has been exceptional! They are the ultimate professionals and an invaluable resource for legal guidance. While helping me get my small business started, they continuously went above and beyond. I would undoubtedly recommend them!” – Melissa Pruett



    “I was referred to Blythe Grace by a previous client of the firm and was told simply ‘He is the best around'I can now personally say that statement is 110% true for him and his staff. “They are the best: plain and simple. I recommend their services to anyone who should need them.” – Reggie Christensen



    "The team at Blythe Grace is thorough and prompt.  I have known Robert for several years.  I feel comfortable referring my clients to Robert and the team at Blythe Grace when they need services I do not provide in my own firm, knowing that they will receive excellent representation and great care!" - Kristel Patton 


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    “We heard about Blythe Grace through our CPA and they were able to help us with a company purchase. They do fast work and were wonderful to work with. We recommend Blythe Grace.” – Ben Boulware


  • “I would highly recommend Blythe Grace to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from them again.” – Cliff Bendau


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    "The absolutely easiest to work with!  Blythe Grace doesn't waste time getting things done.  They are speedy and do great work."  

    - Matt Rhodes 


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    “We have worked with Blythe Grace since the day it opened. The firm's attorneys and staff are professional, hard-working, intelligent, and trustworthy. Blythe Grace is thorough, and they are always available to answer questions – even after hours and on weekends. I highly recommend Blythe Grace. – Tim Kerrigan


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    “Robert is an excellent lawyer with a deep knowledge base and a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful in business. Recommend him highly, and I send all of my clients to him.” – Tucker Blalock


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    “Robert was so patient and helpful with all my questions on the legal background of forming my company. He made the whole process so easy and understandable. Mine was not the quickest case, but she showed patience and kindness throughout the whole process. He gets an A+ from me.” – Kevin Lange


  • "Blythe Grace has the team with the knowledge and character that you want in a law firm who is representing you. No matter big or small, its comforting knowing that they are fighting for your best interests. We are thankful to do business with such professionals who help us be better for our clients!" - Chris Loughney



    "The litigation team at Blythe Grace stepped in for our former lawyers in a complex bet-the-company lawsuit.  Not only did they win that case in every possible way - including obtaining an award of sanction and attorneys' fees against the defendant - but they helped us with both business planning and a number of employee issues. I cannot thank Blythe Grace enough for being there right when Real World needed them, and for also being wonderful to work with.  When you work with Blythe Grace you will get responsive, aggressive lawyers who take no prisoners in helping you achieve your goal.  I highly recommend them." - Leah Wilson


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    "As a small business owner, Blythe Grace is my go to law firm for everything from business advisory work, to employment law issues, to questions on insurance and taxes.  If Blythe Grace does not have the answer, they find it for me.  The firm's charges have always been reasonable and fair, and I always know I am getting a good value.  I cannot say enough good things about them." - Nikki Shipp


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    "We have used Blythe Grace for employment law work for the last two years.  Robert and his team are always responsive, dedicated, fast, and accurate.  Robert even visited my office to walk me through our legal issues and brainstorm solutions.  I appreciated Robert's advice and counsel from both a business and legal perspective.  Do not hesitate to call Blythe Grace, who also offer discounts on fees to veterans and first responders, which as a former Marine is very important to me." - Jimmy Vercellino


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    "We called on Robert and his team to handle a delicate matter involving a former employee of the company.  Robert understood the urgency of the matter and made it his priority.  Not only did he get the job done fast, but his charges were very reasonable.  When that former employee continued his misconduct months later, Robert was right there to help us again.  I trust the Blythe Grace team completely." - Erika Knight


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    "Blythe Grace is a fantastic law firm.  They are dedicated, responsive, and always get the job done.  Our company has used Blythe Grace for a variety of legal matters, and we highly recommend them." - Jason St. Clair


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    “Robert provided legal advice and guidance to my company during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. While working with Robert, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong and resolved by matter quickly for a reasonable cost.” – Myesha Barbieto


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    “I had the privilege of working with Robert Reder and the Blythe Grace team during a sensitive legal matter.I was extremely impressed with Robert’s knowledge surrounding employment law and litigation, and his ability to patiently walk me through each of my options. Robert’s staff was also a pleasure to work with and I found that any questions, concerns, or correspondences were promptly responded to.Blythe Grace has my complete confidence and I highly recommend their services.” – Steve Klumb


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    “Robert is an exceptional attorney, and an all-around great person to be around, and to know. He’s honest, ethical, strategic and always looking out for my company’s best interest. We are a creative agency with brilliant minds working across the globe, and I feel Robert fits well within our company’s ethos. It’s hard to find these types of lawyers.” – Kevin Lange


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    “Mr. Reder is extremely professional and adept at handling multiple issues. He is clear, concise, and tremendously talented. I appreciate his attention to detail and his willingness to fight for his clients. He is and will continue to be our only call when legal expertise is needed.” – Kenny Lange


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    “I met Robert and quickly discovered that he was a good person... and I knew Blythe Grace would meet my needs and then some. Everyone there is professional, gracious, accommodating, friendly, efficient and extremely qualified. Terrific team, I have absolutely no worries in my legal matters.” – Julie Farha


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    “Business owners should be concerned not with the opportunity to sell something, but with the opportunity to create something. Robert and his team at Blythe Grace understand that and have been an integral force in growing my businesses and making sure that I am protected. Blythe Grace is simply fantastic.” – Molly Montgomery


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    “I had the pleasure of working with Blythe Grace for over three years on a very complex lawsuit. They were always professional and respectful of my time and money that was being spent. Their energy level was strong, and they displayed passion for getting the job done right. I would have no problem hiring Blythe Grace again.” – Dr. Michael Radcliffe


  • “Robert’s name was given to me by a mutual friend who described Robert as an intelligent lawyer with an athlete’s competitive spirit. Robert has been a wonderful representative of calm preparedness during what became a lengthy and tenacious litigation. He helped me to stay focused on the larger picture, and he worked on my case in a caring and timely manner.” – Kenny McDonald


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    “From the moment I met Robert, it was 100% apparent that he understood and represented the critical components of the attorney/client relationship. He has a unique ability to establish trust, rapport, and comfort with his clients. I love the “boutique” feel to their firm, because it emphasizes the personalized service I expect from my legal counsel. It is evident that Robert and his entire staff strive to provide value to their clients from the moment they are engaged. I am a client for life!” – Sarah Vogt


  • “Blythe Grace is an excellent law firm, and Robert is an exceptional lawyer.He keeps his client’s best interest in mind every step of the game.We value his expertise, opinion, and overall strategy from beginning to end, and would not hesitate to recommend him.” – Evan and Alana Billingsley


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    “Robert has handled various legal matters for myself and my business.He has always been an asset in the process with his thoughts, suggestions, legal abilities and sincerity. I highly recommend him.” – Heather Moss


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    “Blythe Grace has been of great help to our company in setting up the appropriate legal paper work. In addition, he has been a great asset in creating solid contracts for our dealings with our customers and partners.” – Sean Bassik


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