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8 Tips for Attorney Relationship Building

8 Tips for Attorney Relationship Building

To foster stronger relationships between attorneys, we sought advice from career coaches, legal professionals, and administrative managers. With eight insightful tips ranging from emphasizing mentorship opportunities to approaching conversations with an open mind, these experts provide valuable guidance on enhancing collaboration and camaraderie in the legal field.

  • Emphasize Mentorship Opportunities

  • Be Nice and Meet Face-to-Face

  • Promote Communication and Teamwork

  • Focus On Long-Term Mutual Gain

  • Build Personal Connections

  • Share Knowledge for Stronger Bonds

  • Seek Bonding Opportunities and Feedback

  • Approach Conversations Open-Mindedly

Emphasize Mentorship Opportunities

One effective tip to enhance the relationship-building process between attorneys is to emphasize mentoring opportunities. I recall a situation where two of our legal team members were often at odds.

We established a mentor-mentee relationship between them, where the more experienced attorney would guide the less experienced one. This mentorship program fostered a sense of camaraderie and respect, enabling them to understand each other's perspectives better.

Over time, their relationship improved significantly, and they started functioning as a cohesive unit. Thus, leveraging such mentoring opportunities can help to improve attorney relationships.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

Be Nice and Meet Face-to-Face

I offer two keys to building a productive relationship with an attorney, particularly if you are another lawyer.

(1) Be nice. The nicer you are, the easier the relationship will be. This applies to every relationship, but particularly to lawyers who are used to being treated poorly by the public and other lawyers. At some point, collaborate with that lawyer or need a favor from that lawyer. Better to be kind in anticipation of that collaboration or need than be difficult. You catch more flies with honey, but it's also just a better way to live and approach business.

(2) Meet face-to-face. Obviously impossible in some relationships, but essential when possible. An in-person meeting, a handshake, and a powerful conversation face-to-face can cement a bond that allows your relationship to improve and survive the inevitable conflict.

Promote Communication and Teamwork

Encourage attorneys to maintain consistent two-way communication with one another, whether formally or informally, through the medium of regularly scheduled team meetings or check-ins. The establishment of trust and the promotion of collaborative efforts will both benefit from this.

Place an emphasis on the value of teamwork and actively encourage attorneys to collaborate on projects whenever it is workable to do so. This will contribute to the development of relationships, as well as a sense of camaraderie.

Offer opportunities for attorneys to develop new skills and advance their careers, such as participation in mentoring or training programs. Building relationships between attorneys of varying levels of experience will be facilitated because of this.

Think about organizing social events outside of work, such as happy hours or activities to foster teamwork.

Aleksandar Ginovski, Career Expert, Resume Expert and Product Manager, Enhancv

Focus On Long-Term Mutual Gain

One tip to build relationships between attorneys and career coaches or legal professionals is to focus on the highest goals of each party. For example, while an attorney may be focused on obtaining a successful outcome in a case, career coaches and legal professionals can shift their emphasis toward cultivating relationships that create meaningful partnerships.

This approach places importance on long-term mutual gain. In doing so, both parties benefit beyond ‌single cases or outcomes by establishing trust and loyalty with one another. This trust can manifest itself as a collaboration that leads to better results for everyone involved.

Grace He, People and Culture Director,

Build Personal Connections

Building personal connections is essential in improving relationships between attorneys. Taking the time to get to know other attorneys on a personal level can help create a foundation of trust and mutual respect that can lead to more effective collaboration in the future.

One way to build personal connections is by making time for social events outside of work. Whether it's going out for drinks after work or attending a social event, building personal connections can help create a sense of camaraderie and make working together more enjoyable.

Josh Amishav, Founder, Breachsense

Share Knowledge for Stronger Bonds

In the legal industry, a considerable amount of toil and time goes into gathering knowledge. So when you find a successful attorney, you know they've achieved this success through years and decades of hard work and dedicated efforts.

You also notice that these professionals have a great rapport with others in the industry and even command respect from attorneys doing business in the same jurisdiction. The reason behind this admiration is the knowledge these professionals share with their less-experienced colleagues.

So whether it is within or outside an organization, when you practice and promote knowledge-sharing, even attorneys at different stages of their careers will find it easier to build great relationships.

Riley Beam, Managing Attorney, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.

Seek Bonding Opportunities and Feedback

Building relationships between attorneys is key to successful legal practice. One of the best tips for improving these relationships is to seek bonding opportunities. This could be as simple as inviting colleagues to lunch or coffee or attending a professional event together.

It is important to ensure that the conversation is not limited to business matters but includes hobbies, interests, and current events. Getting to know one another better can strengthen the relationship and create a more collaborative working environment.

It is also important to be open to feedback and criticism, as this can help to foster trust and respect. Ultimately, by seeking opportunities to bond, attorneys can create strong relationships that will serve them well in their professional lives.

Peter Reagan, Financial Market Strategist, Birch Gold Group

Approach Conversations Open-Mindedly

One tip to improve relationship building between attorneys and other career coaches and legal professionals is to always approach conversations with an open mind. Listen attentively and respectfully to what the other person is saying, offering constructive feedback and advice when appropriate.

Show that you care about the work they do and the issues they face, and be willing to take the time to truly understand their perspective. By attempting to create meaningful connections with people in your network, you can foster strong relationships that will help your career in the legal field.

Leo Vaisburg, Managing Partner, Amazon Suspension Lawyer