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  • Robert Reder

COVID-19 Response and Resources

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Blythe Grace is actively working with our clients, colleagues, friends, and family to work through the challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In that regard, the firm has received numerous questions regarding pressing legal matters involving employees, contracts, transactions, litigation, and real estate matters.

We have also seen other law firms marketing "COVID-19 response teams," or attempting to solicit business from clients and potential clients with purportedly special knowledge of the new law (The Family Medical Leave Act (2020)) during this difficult and challenging time. Our firm does things differently.

Obviously there are certain questions and matters that only legal counsel can address, but providing a summary of the law and business guidance based on that summary should be, and is, available to the public for free. See the links below for information concerning COVID-19. Important links containing important legal summaries are marked with asterisks.

Of course, if you have any specific questions or need any help concerning these or any other issue, please contact us. But this information will give you a good start protecting you and your business, and may even relieve you of the need to hire legal counsel at a time when financial concerns are paramount.

As always, we are here to serve and support you.

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