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  • Business & Civil Litigation
    If your business has a dispute, we can help. We use all available resources to find efficient resolutions to our clients' matters. If litigation is unavoidable, we have significant trial experience in both state and federal court. Businesses that suffer financial losses because of a partner's, competitor's, or employee's misconduct may be able to bring a business tort claim and recover damages against the opposing party. In business tort cases, damages arise both from actual harm - such as lost revenue - and future harm such as lost profits or business opportunities. Losses can also extend beyond tangible assets and include harm to intangible assets such as reputation and relationships. At Blythe Grace, we understand the value of your brand, relationships, and good will. Expect the entire team at the firm to help you protect and defend one of your most important assets. We are not just representing you - we are in business with you.
  • Corporate & LLC Company Formation and Scaling
    Build your business right. From startup counseling, entity formation, and other general corporate matters, we protect entrepreneurs and help them succeed. We also help your business grow and can be your partner in managing, growing and changing your business in a way that promotes your success and minimizes your exposure to risk.
  • Business Transactions
    Blythe Grace's transactional practice involves preparing all documents necessary for entrepreneurs to form their companies and grow them the right way. We handle everything from vertical and horizontal agreements between businesses to contracts for corporate mergers and acquisitions, to the closing documents for the purchase of a house. Our firm ensures compliance with regulations and laws governing businesses of every shape and size, regardless of the industry. We research, draft, negotiate, and advise on all aspects of a deal.
  • Employment Law
    Employers can avoid or mitigate disputes by staying informed on a full range of employment laws including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour, employee classification, accommodation of disabilities, and leaves of absence. Blythe Grace prepares and analyzes those critical documents to protect your business. Our team can also prepare employee handbooks, policies, contracts, severance agreements, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements, and analyze those documents and others to protect your business. We can help with cost-effective resolutions of employment disputes involving harassment, competition, wages, discrimination, benefits, wrongful discharge, defamation, or misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information. Many of our services are billed as a flat fee - such as preparation or review of employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, severance agreements, and other similar employment documents. We charge flat fees for these services so our employer clients can anticipate legal costs and create more accurate budgets for legal services.
  • Real Estate Transactions & Litigation
    Blythe Grace represents developers, investors, homeowners, and contractors. We find cost-effective solutions and draw upon our expertise to develop and implement strategies that are creative and practical. If a dispute arises, we handle litigating all phases of real estate matters.
  • Sports Law
    Blythe Grace represents current and former NFL, MLB, and NBA players. We also represent Olympic, Crossfit, and extreme sports athletes. The firm's representation of current and former professional athletes is handled both directly with the clients or through their agents. Blythe Grace has experience in providing counsel to sports professionals regarding business opportunities or investments, enforcing contracts or agreements or protecting clients' rights, controlling sensitive information, and maintaining privacy and confidentiality. The firm has also negotiated transactions involving professional athletes and works with them on merchandising and licensing, trademark protection, and civil liability protection. When the firm's attorneys cannot assist our clients because the request is outside of our practice areas, we have a deep network of legal, financial, wealth and estate planning, and tax professionals ready to assist. Not only does our firm provide its clients with legal services, but we create a team of professionals across industries who work together to achieve each client's goals.
  • Cannabis Law
    The legal and regulatory issues facing Arizona's evolving cannabis industry are staggering. Blythe Grace provides counsel to individuals and companies in the cannabis industry regarding Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act and can assist you with all of the legal, administrative, regulatory, and business challenges facing the legal cannabis industry. Specifically, our firm can help with corporate formations and business planning, preparing the contracts necessary to build a successful marijuana cultivation facility or dispensary, establishing programs, policies, and procedures compliant with the Medical Marjiuana Act, creating employment policies and addressing any employee issues that arise, OSHA compliance, real estate matters, mitigating risk and guarding against civil litigation or criminal liability, banking issues, investigations or audits conducted by the Arizona Department of Health Services, licensing issues, the sale of the business, and any other legal issue facing a legal cannabis business operating in Arizona.
  • Mediation & Arbitration
    Businesses should avoid or mitigate disputes whenever possible. We counsel our clients in effective alternatives to the courtroom and have extensive experience with mediation and arbitration.
  • General Counsel Services
    Blythe Grace offers the services of an experienced general counsel available to assist your company at any time and in any capacity. Many businesses decide that the cost of in-house legal counsel outweighs the benefit. Blythe Grace can provide necessary legal advice at a cost that is well-below that of maintaining one or more attorneys on staff. We learn the business models and goals of our clients’ businesses and craft legal solutions that fit into the overall mission of the company. We can address a particular legal question plaguing a client, or provide a thorough legal review of a company’s entire business, on either a one-time or an on-going basis. Blythe Grace can also partner with a client’s in-house legal staff to complement their existing expertise. We offer clients a business-minded, common-sense approach to legal services, with an eye to the clients’ bottom-line.
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